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Sunday, April 23, 2017

"Obamacare forever" is about to end

Add Tom Rooney's name to the list of Republicans who need a swift kick in the butt.

A month ago, Rooney whinged that Republicans would never repeal Obamacare.

Shucks, I wanted sage grouse fricassee

The lefty narrative is confusing. Consider the lefties who convinced a federal judge to stop a wind project to protect the sage grouse.

Beating back the bureaucracy

The tail no longer wags the dog, America.

Under President Trump, Congress has spanked the bureaucracy 13 times so far, as our duly elected have rolled back regulations that hurt American businesses without doing the public any good.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Lesson from O'Reilly's end

After two decades of being a cad and a cash cow -- for Fox News, Bill O'Reilly lost his show. Not for the reason he should have -- sexual harassment -- but because of his moderate politics. Sir Rupert Murdoch's sons gave taken over and they want to be respectable, which means jettisoning the conservative personalities who built the network.

However, there is a lesson for all conservative commentators. Watch your back.

William A. Jacobson laid it out by comparing how Rush Limbaugh survived a similar attack of an advertiser boycott, and how O'Reilly did not.

A lefty gets the election right

The book, "Shattered," has the chattering class in the capital chewing on Clinton's colossal collapse on Election Day.

The book was supposed to be about the triumph of her will, with Andrea Mitchell as Leni Riefenstahl directing her crew to capture the romance of the fireworks over the Javits Center as President-Elect Clinton embraced President Clinton, and the reign of 1,000 years of the Democratic Party continued.

ESPN starts cord-cutting staff

Upset with ever-rising cable bill, people are severing their cable cords and getting entertainment through other sources. The main driver of cable increases is ESPN, which collects an average of $6 a month from each cable customer regardless if the person watches ESPN.

Cluelessness so thick, it hurts

Peter Grier of Christian Science Monitor is surprised that Trump supporters still support President Trump.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Psychotherapists against Trump

The Raw Story reported "5 psychiatrists this week gathered at a conference at Yale to sound the alarm on what they believe is President Donald Trump’s 'dangerous mental illness'.”

One psychotherapist said that since Inauguration Day, Trump has "paranoid, delusional and grandiose thinking" that he is president.

Left sadly has no fascist to resist

David Brooks of the New York Times writes about presidents the way I would write about classical music. I cannot read a note of music. I cannot play an instrument. I can barely hear. So here, let me tell you why Handel was a hack.

His pant had no crease.

A Korean newspaper thanks Trump

Oh Young-jin, chief editorial writer of the Korea Tumes/Hankook Ilbo, wrote a tribute to President Trump that should shame his critics in the United States. Young-jin understands that far from risking World War III, President Trump has done more to advance the end of the Korean War (now in its 67th year) than any other world leader in the last six decades.