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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Judges revive libel suit against NYT

On January 25, 2014, the New York Times smeared economics professor Walter Block of Loyola as a supporter of slavery.

The multi-billion-dollar company's lawyers succeeded in convincing a federal judge that the lawsuit was frivolous.

Well guess what? A three-panel federal appellate court revived the lawsuit. The Times must now defend its decision to distort what a libertarian professor said.

Media must stand up for free speech

Orrin Hatch, who as president pro tempore of the Senate is three heartbeats from the presidency, got caught up in the frenzy to condemn white supremacy, tweeting:
We should never hesitate to call out hate. Whenever and wherever we see it.
Condemning bigotry is not his job.

Defending free speech is.

Black flight

White flight was the name given to the suburbanization of America in the 1950s and 1960s, as the middle class abandoned the overcrowded, dirty, crime-ridden, and corrupt cities for farmland turned into housing developments.

Liberals blame racism.

So please explain black flight. Not only are African Americans abandoning big cities, they are leaving Democratic Party strongholds for red America.

Trump's plan to make America great again

Infrastructure is a primary function of government. From the transcontinental railroad to the interstate highway system -- and stops in between such as the Panama Canal, Hoover Dam, and the Saint Lawrence Seaway -- the United States government has been been a major player in developing transportation and other public works.

I wrote that last December. Still true today. President Trump signed an executive order on Tuesday to push these improvements forward.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

The Deplorable Obama Plan

The short shelf life of Charlottesville surprised me. On Sunday, I advised readers to hang in there, but I am pleased that the attempt to associate all Trump supporters with a crazy driver from Ohio failed quicker than I thought.

This is another sign that the media has no power, and the Democratic Party has no plan.

Well, no power where it counts, and no plan that will work.

Pressuring China

While the mediasturbation over Charlottesville continues toward its inevitable overkill, President Trump signed a significant executive order  that will push China to end the Korean War.

This is the longest war in American history, stretching back to 1950, with a cease-fire that stretches back to 1953.

Begone National Review

The National Review's editorial was in high dudgeon over events in Charlottesville, Virginia, and blamed the president.

The stuffy editorial was comic relief in an otherwise somber situation.

Mocking hillbillies

Stuart Rothenberg, an elections expert who blew 2016, took a shot at West Virginia. This drew the wry wrath of Salena Zito, the Pittsburgh columnist who keeps an eye out for the people of Appalachia. She wrote:
Stereotypes are peculiar things. They make targets out of those who are different, be it in language or traditions. And it appears Appalachia remains the last minority population in America for which it is socially acceptable to question intelligence, speech pattern, the way people dress. Their uniqueness.

36th Amazon review of "Trump the Establishment"

Thank you, Kathleen Yeagley, for your kind recommendation.

Here's the review:
Excellent Chronology
This book was very thorough and an interesting read. I followed this election closely and this is a book to have on the shelf for history. No fluff just great rooting. Five stars is a no brainer.
It was fun to research and fun to write.

Keep the reviews coming.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Trump gets a win over North Korea

President Trump forced China's Chairman Xi to rein in its North Korean client.

Even CNBC admitted Trump's triumph.